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Your Projects Needs Premium Service


 Music Production Service

Writing Notes

Song Writing: We partner with you to help write and structure your song. making you sure your song message is clear.

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 Your Music Production Suite

Writing Notes

Song Writing:  Your song is important, allow us help write and structure your song. making you sure your song message is clear.

Rehearsal Space: If you don't want to disturb your neighbors or who ever you live with, we have the perfect acoustic rehearsal  space for you. practice as long as you like or how often you like.

hourly rates and weekly rates available!

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Beat Production: We've now partnered with a Music Production company that handles all of our beats and instrumentals. You can now purchase exclusive rights for any beat we carry, or you can custom order beats tailored to your song.  No leasing here

Recording / Editing:  After rehearsing your song more than 21 times. Your ready to record in our high quality yet affordable studio. you get that sound your looking for without high priced studio rates.

Music Recording

Mixing / Mastering: Now you've got the song laid down now to be move to the mixing house where we make your song perfectly balanced adding all the bells and whistles to make your music stand out. Adding mastering before your song is copyrighted and published giving the final product for the streaming and performance plat forms. 

CoverArt Design / Copyright: Before we publish your ground breaking work. we have be sure that you stand out from the rest with a unique cover art design for your music. Once we package your music with a nice design or photograph we send it to the copyright office making you official in the country.

Designing on a Tablet
Music Apps

Publishing and Distribution: After all these processes are complete now we can set your release date, to send your music to the music stores to be consumed by your fans and family. we offer physical and digital distribution option for the more modern hustlers.

Miscellaneous Services: We off various miscellaneous service to the public like our analog to digital service. we take your old Reel to reel recording or cassette recording and convert them to Digital Wav Files for you to upload to all platform stores and share digitally. with fans and family.

Cassette Tape


Welcome  To CB Soundz

Song By Naf$ea 
Listen Below

Studio Build From Start To Finish!


Special Thanks to all who helped make this project happen.

Materials donated by Denman Building Supply Of Amarillo, Texas

Construction Completed by private contractors Johnny Kiser and sons of Amarillo, Texas

Materials Provided by CowTown materials of Amarillo, Texas

Special Thanks to acoustimac, perdue acoustics, Skyrite signs, Happy signs, BTF Lights for lighting, soundproofingMLV.


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